Executive Coaching.

Executive Coaching.

Whether you are a new executive or experienced, you need to grow your sales and market share, love and keep your customers happy and protect your employees. And, oh by the way, you must skillfully manage your finances, plan for the future, fight off competition while teaching and building new leaders in your company.

This is no small endeavor and you, by necessity, do most of this alone. You are at (or near) the top and the collective weight of leadership can bring pressure and stress.

You don’t have to go it alone.

Every leader needs to bounce ideas from time to time or perhaps just brainstorm and ask questions. Fortunately, there are folks out there who have been through all of this, made their mistakes, learned their lessons and executed business successfully for decades. All the while, they leaned on their mentors for wisdom and encouragement. Having knowledgeable, confidential mentors is a way many leaders have grown their skills, avoided mistakes and maintained strong family relationships as they focused on leading strong businesses.

Why Dave?

You can call on Dave the way he called on his mentors for three and a half decades while in the C-suite, leading companies in multiple industries. You can benefit from knowing what works and is most important to sustaining a safe and successful business. He can help you prepare for acquisitions and resulting integrations as well as exit strategy. He is a master, yet uncomplicated business planner and sales strategist.

Dave’s one on one coaching stages ?

(a sample description of a process)

  1. Insight- understanding you and your business as it is today
  2. Triage- discuss current concerns, their causes and typical problems of like companies
  3. Real-world approaches- what works and will last and what won’t
  4. Evaluating priorities- ranking value propositions
  5. Real-world execution- building blocks and best practices of a Bullet Proof Business
  6. Board management and building team depth
  7. Strengthening family and loved ones

Your Decision.

Do you seek to learn and grow with complete confidentiality? Dave is serious minded and will focus on your agendas. He approaches everything with respectful integrity and the understanding of someone who faced the pressures that you are facing for over 30 years. Dave’s mentors were his champions. He can be yours. .

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There’s no commitment, pressure, or obligation.

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