Business Planning.

Business Planning.

What is a Business Plan? Do I need one? How do I get started? When do I get started? Is Business Planning the same as Business Transformation? Is a template approach best for my business? How do I get more visibility into the future of by business?

With all the responsibilities that demand your daily attention, these are things you think about from time to time. So where and how do you start?

Here is a critical tip: Of all the questions above, the last one, “how do I get more visibility into the future of my business”, is the most important. And getting to that answer will help you know how to answer the others. You see, if you can see it, you can plan for it, and if you have planned for it, you will see it much better.

Why Dave?

Dave built business plans for several companies in multiple industries from the C-suite for three and a half decades. The path to a good Business Plan could be connecting with wisdom and experience and learning while doing. The answers are not be as daunting as you may think.

Benefits of Dave’s coaching.

Dave can help you see your business from a future point of view and then help you translate that into an efficient, executable business plan. There is logic to a good business plan and one size does not fit all. Dave will show you why the successful execution of the business plan is far more important than just creating it. And he can help you organize your thoughts and your team to the creation of an objectives driven business plan methodology.

Dave’s one on one coaching stages.

(a sample description of a process)

  1. Insight- understanding you and your business
  2. Business objective determination
  3. Mapping the business priorities for your business plan
  4. Raw business date- gathering
  5. Executing the Business Plan creation
    1. Series of sub-plans
    2. Molding to a master-plan
  6. Creating the tools and disciplines to measure your business and its plan
  7. Documenting who will be responsible for executing the sub-segments of your business plan
    1. Who?
    2. To what objectives
    3. In what time frames

Your Decision.

Learning while doing is often best achieved by connecting to real world experience. Theory just isn’t the same. Dave has the experience to help you. His mentors taught him how to build Bullet Proof Businesses and he did. He can help show you how to do it too. Each turn-round business that Dave led had this one deadly characteristic before he became CEO. They none had a business plan. Dave will help understand why you must have one and help lead you through the fog of how to go about building one.

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There’s no commitment, pressure, or obligation.

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