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Hi, I’m Dave.

Folks who knew my dad have said, “You are your father’s son.” That always brings a smile. My dad was my most impactful mentor, and he intentionally coached my character, my competitiveness and groomed me to be ‘competent first‘.

As an Army Officer, I learned discipline and mission focus. There is no ‘clock’ in the military. It was there that I learned how to communicate effectively with and serve folks from all backgrounds and positions in life.

IBM was my first experience in a solid business practice environment. While ‘dying me blue’, they put me through an amazing sales and business engineering training program. I was fortunate to be awarded The IBM President’s Award while there.

Once I joined a large complex software firm, I was asked to work my first turnaround in 1995  as Interim CEO and then two more subsidiary companies in the next 4 years. Over my career, I served as CEO for 6 companies, mostly turnarounds, both public and private.

But whatever my career opportunities were, I was coached by wonderful mentors who freely gave of themselves over the past 25 years. The President of USAA Life, the CIO of Mutual of Omaha Ins., the founder of PMSC Corp., the President of Cybertek Corp., the Principals @ Grey Mountain Partners PE Firm, and a few wise Pastors.

Why work with me?

From my mentors and while I served as CEO, I learned what makes a business safe and strong as well as what causes a business to become weak and vulnerable. I learned what must be done to achieve the former and avoid the latter. It’s not rocket science, and it can be fun.

I look forward to connecting with you.

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